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Hopwood Social Hall FAQs
  Do you need a minimum number of people?
  Yes, we do. When you are booking a wedding on Saturday, the minimum is 200 people.  
  Do you lower the minimum for a Friday or Sunday function?
  Yes, we do lower the minimum to 175 people.  
  Do you give a discount when booking on a Friday or Sunday
  Yes, we do provide a discount when booking on a Friday or Sunday.  
  Does the social hall have a maximum capacity?
  Yes, the maximum you can fit is 500 comfortably using round tables.
  How many people can fit at a round table?
  6 or 8 can be seated at a round table.
  Can we add anything to the decorating?
  Yes, you can bring any decorating items to enhance your function.  
  Can we bring our own centerpieces?
  Can we bring our own Hors d'oeuvres?
  No. The only persishable food permitted is cookies.  
  Can we bring cookies?
  If I'm having assigned seating, do you supply the table numbers?
  Yes, we do supply the table numbers and the stands.  
  Do you have a podium and microphone?
  Yes, but you need to let us know in advance.  
  Do we need security?
  No, we will provide the security for the larger weddings on Saturday when there are alcohol and beer being served.  
  Do you supply bartenders?
  Yes, we will have two bartenders available for you at an additional price of $150.00 per bartender.  
  Can we have a band or D.J.?
  Yes, our stage is wired for a band.  
  Do you have champagne glasses for the toast for everyone?
  No, but we do supply them for the main bridal table.  
  If you would like additional glasses, they can be rented for .55 cents each  
  Do you supply wine glasses?
  No, but they can be rented for .55 cents per glass  
  When can we bring our things to the social hall for our function?
  You can bring them the day before your function, unless we have the hall booked for a Friday function. If it is booked, you can bring your things the morning of your function as early as you want. Just let us know in advance what time you will be bringing them.  
  How long do we have the social hall for?
  From 9:00am to 11:00pm. Your bartender must close the bar at 10:30pm, and the D.J. must stop playing at 10:30 pm.  
  What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks and credit cards. When paying with credit card, there is a 3% fee in person and 5% over the phone costs.

  When is the final count due?

We need to have your count 7 days before your function. You can add a few additional people to your count, up to 2 days before your function.

  When do I need to make the final payment for my function?
  7 days prior to the function.

  Do you package the leftovers for a served function?
  Yes, we package them in foil pans and wrap them with plastic wrap.  
  Is there cake cutting fee?
  We provide cutting and placing your Wedding Cake in your napkins/boxes for the Bridal Dance only.
Cake can be served for dessert at an additional price of $1.00 per serving.
  Do you supply the box for the top layer of our wedding cake?
  No, the person making your wedding cake should supply that for you.  
  Do I need to sign a contract?
  Do you require a deposit?
  There is a deposit of $1500.00, which is non-refundable.  
  Do you serve alcohol?
  Our staff is not permitted to serve alcohol to your guests. However, we can serve champagne to your bridal and family tables.  
  What are the beverages that are included with my wedding package?
  Coffee, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mt Dew, Gingerale  
  If I'm having a served buffet for my wedding, do you serve the bridal   table?
  Yes, we do. We also serve up to 2 family tables.  
  Can I make payments on my function?
  Yes, you can send your check to 20 South Morgantown Street, Fairchance, PA 15436. In the footnote of the check, write the date of your catering and whose name the catering is booked in.  






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